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What is the meaning of frustration in Hindi?

Meaning of frustration in Hindi is : हताशा

Definition of word frustration

  • The act of frustrating, or the state, or an instance of being frustrated (noun)
  • A thing that frustrates (noun)
  • The feeling of annoyance when one's actions are criticized or hindered (noun)
  • Anger not directed at anything or anyone in particular (noun)

Examples of word frustration

  • My main frustration is that school violence gets the most attention when someone gets killed.
  • That she never threw up her hands and screamed in frustration is a precious snapshot of this remarkable woman.
  • But adding greatly to my frustration is the willingness of people who see themselves as "enlightened progressives" (including many educators), to buy into the radically regressive education reform program being promoted by corporate interests with massive help from Washington.
  • But the frustration is the small sigh, not the shower of tears.
  • BITTERMANN: But Madam Boyer argues that the fashion world is what she calls a frustration factory, based on deception.


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