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What is the meaning of fuddle in Hindi?

Meaning of fuddle in Hindi is : मतवाला

Definition of word fuddle

  • To confuse or befuddle (verb)
  • To intoxicate (verb)
  • intoxication (noun)
  • muddle, confusion (noun)
  • A party or picnic where attendees bring food and wine; a kind of potluck. (noun)

Examples of word fuddle

  • Hamla Ombashi is a corporal of the transport service, and "fuddle" is to sit down.
  • In a lonesome land, where amusements are few and the nights long, the power to "fuddle" counts for much.
  • In Robin: Search for a Hero no one bothered to fix the misdirected word balloons on page 32 that fuddle up a conversation between Tim and Dick Grayson.
  • Mike Myers is back this Summer, bringing with him a new character to entertain and possibly be-fuddle.
  • The rapture is just around the cornor anyway so why preserve the earth ? fuddle duddle says:


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