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What is the meaning of fulfil in Hindi?

Meaning of fulfil in Hindi is : सिद्ध करना

Definition of word fulfil

  • To fill up. (verb)
  • To satisfy, carry out, bring to completion (an obligation, a requirement, etc.). (verb)
  • To emotionally or artistically satisfy; to develop one's gifts to the fullest. (verb)
  • To obey, follow, comply with (a rule, requirement etc.). (verb)

Examples of word fulfil

  • To silence this explication it will be sufficient to produce a few out of many passages of the New Testament where the term fulfil occurs in connexion with the term law.
  • The word fulfil, also, means sometimes to teach or inculcate, Co 1: 25.
  • The fact that this company had contracts to fulfil is beside the issue because the other mine owners had like obligations.
  • The minister can thus also personally care for the burial of the dead; and, in short, fulfil with solicitude and concern all the demands and obligations of his office as a priest, and in the care of souls.
  • Even a Reaganite says Bush didn’t fulfil is obligations.


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