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What is the meaning of fulfill in Hindi?

Meaning of fulfill in Hindi is : सम्पूर्ण करना

Definition of word fulfill

  • To fill full; fill to the utmost capacity; fill up. (verb)
  • To satisfy, carry out, bring to completion (an obligation, a requirement, etc.). (verb)
  • To emotionally or artistically satisfy; to develop one's gifts to the fullest. (verb)
  • To obey, follow, comply with (a rule, requirement etc.). (verb)

Examples of word fulfill

  • Expecting that this "State of the City" speech will mean something, that it will be full of specific promises that Nagin will fulfill is ... pure folly.
  • And one of the duties the governor repeatedly admonishes the elders to fulfill is "to live together, as friends, as one village, in peace and unity."
  • Indeed, the only obligation many offenders on probation must now fulfill is mailing a postcard that gives their home address.
  • The word fulfill means "to fill out, expand, or complete."
  • They regularly go to church on Sundays and Holy Days, of which there are countless numbers, cross themselves repeatedly when they pass a church or Icon, take the holy communion at stated seasons, rigorously abstain from animal food, not only on Wednesdays and Fridays but also during Lent and the other long fasts, make occasional pilgrimages to the holy shrines and in a word fulfill carefully the ceremonial observance which they suppose necessary for their salvation.


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