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What is the meaning of functional in Hindi?

Meaning of functional in Hindi is : व्यावहारिक

Definition of word functional

  • In good working order. (adjective)
  • Useful; serving a purpose, fulfilling a function (adjective)
  • Only for functional purposes, notably in architecture (adjective)
  • Having semantics defined purely in terms of mathematical functions, without side-effects. (adjective)
  • Of a disease, such that its symptoms cannot be referred to any appreciable lesion or change of structure; opposed to organic disease, in which the organ itself is affected. (adjective)
  • A function that takes a function as its argument; More precisely: A function y=f(x) whose argument x varies in a space of (real valued, complex valued) functions and whose value belongs to a monodimensional space. An example: the definite integration of integrable real functions in a real interval. (noun)
  • (functional analysis) A scalar-valued linear function on a vector space (noun)
  • An object encapsulating a function pointer (or equivalent). (noun)

Examples of word functional

  • "You've probably heard of the term functional MRI," she said.
  • In this paper, the term functional ingredients refers to substances purported to improve bodily functioning that are added to traditional foods through a manufacturing or other process.
  • It is important here that I clarify how I am using the term functional in this context.
  • You probably noticed that the term functional programming has appeared in many areas recently - the C# 3.0 and LINQ have been largely influenced by this paradigm and many of the libraries that enable and simplify writing parallel code rely on functional ideas.
  • The first time I heard the term functional construction was when I was writing the LINQ to XML section of my book LINQ Unleashed: for C# from Sams.


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