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What is the meaning of furlough in Hindi?

Meaning of furlough in Hindi is : फर्लो

Definition of word furlough

  • A leave of absence or vacation. (noun)
  • To grant a furlough to (someone). (verb)

Examples of word furlough

    • It`s just so strange, that the government forgets to add those "without pay" words after they use the word furlough though, isn`t it?
    • Once, the term furlough conjured an image of a sailor on the town or a model prisoner rewarded with a visit home.
    • A furlough is no kind of solution to the problems that Maryland and other cash-strapped states are facing.
    • The "tax cut for everyone making less than 250K" doesn't amount to a hill of beans if you are un-employed and have no income and for folks like me it doesn't cover the salary lost to furloughs (though furlough is better than the alternative).
    • States, taking a furlough from the grim Arctic battle.


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