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What is the meaning of future in Hindi?

Meaning of future in Hindi is : होनहार

Definition of word future

  • The time ahead; those moments yet to be experienced. (noun)
    आगे का समय; उन पलों का अनुभव करना अभी बाकी है।
  • Having to do with or occurring in the future. (adjective)
    भविष्य में होने या होने वाला।

Examples of word future

    • But, as he gained a little strength from the genial season, the pure country air, and the release from gloomy thoughts which his rambles afforded, the end was farther removed, and a future -- though brief, perhaps, still a _future_ -- began to glimmer before him.
    • In addition, if that debate was intended to secure from the Government an intimation of future policy against Southern shipbuilding it was conducted on wrong lines for _immediate_ effect -- though friends of the North may have thought the method used was wise for _future_ effect.
    • Science Fiction is not about predicting or anticipating the future, it's about helping us prepare for the future, * any future* and exploring the consequences of actions and situations.
    • When we pass through the inexorable gates of the future; when we pass through that vestibule where death stands opening his everlasting gates as widely to the pauper as to the king; when we pass out here into the _dim mysteries of the future_, to confront, it may be, the interrogations of the Eternal, -- I apprehend _every man's responsibility will go with him_, and no second-hand opinions will answer for us. "[
    • Somehow he turned the fact that he "screwed up" to his advantage, though how many times he can get away with this ruse in future is open to question.
    • But the notion that the CSD wants to grow into a licensing body so that the message going out in future is that only members should be approached for design work in future is a dangerous development.
    • And we can also hope to learn much more in future from the studies of the activities of firms which have recently been initiated by the Center for
    • Another step on the road to equality of educational opportunity and a toe-hold into an uncertain future is the introduction - through encouragement of and cooperation with the private sector - of the first and most sophisticated microcomputer designed exclusively for educational purposes in the world.
    • Writer and sociologist Alvin Toffler 1970 coined the term future shock to describe the feeling of vague, continuous anxiety that arises in people who are subjected to a rapid pace of change.