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What is the meaning of futurist in Hindi?

Meaning of futurist in Hindi is : भविष्यवादी

Definition of word futurist

  • An adherent to the principles of the artistic movement of futurism. (noun)
    भविष्यवाद के कलात्मक आंदोलन के सिद्धांतों का पालन करने वाला।
  • In the style of futurism. (adjective)
    भविष्यवाद की शैली में।

Examples of word futurist

    • And I've always been nervous about the term futurist, because you seem doomed to failure because you can't really predict it.
    • Even the term "futurist" is now considered a logical definition of a career which, if used a few years ago, would have given the vision of a carnival side show attraction.
    • According to a certain futurist, on-going technological developments (i.e. the Internet) will lead the U.S. society in a direction where being able to read and write in English well will become less important.
    • And thus I learned my first lesson about the profession: the way you become a futurist is simply to call yourself one.
    • Considering this potential Europe, de Gaulle the futurist is constantly in opposition to himself as de Gaulle the conservative.
    • She's a professional "futurist" - essentially, a lady who's learned how to milk money out of corporate CEOs by telling them about "trends" that she's spotted.
    • She says that medicine will allow human beings to "transcend commonly accepted limits" of human life and calls futurist Raymond Kurzweil, who promotes similar ideas, "the smartest guy on the planet."