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What is the meaning of gall in Hindi?

Meaning of gall in Hindi is : सताना

Definition of word gall

  • Bile, especially that of an animal; the greenish, profoundly bitter-tasting fluid found in bile ducts and gall bladders, structures associated with the liver. (noun)
  • The gall bladder. (noun)
  • Great misery or physical suffering, likened to the bitterest-tasting of substances. (noun)
  • A bump-like imperfection resembling a gall. (noun)
  • A feeling of exasperation. (noun)
  • Impudence or brazenness; temerity, chutzpah. (noun)
  • A sore or open wound caused by chafing, which may become infected, as with a blister. (noun)
  • A sore on a horse caused by an ill-fitted or ill-adjusted saddle; a saddle sore. (noun)
  • A pit caused on a surface being cut caused by the friction between the two surfaces exceeding the bond of the material at a point. (noun)
  • To trouble or bother. (verb)
  • To harass, to harry, often with the intent to cause injury. (verb)
  • To chafe, to rub or subject to friction; to create a sore on the skin. (verb)
  • To exasperate. (verb)
  • To cause pitting on a surface being cut from the friction between the two surfaces exceeding the bond of the material at a point. (verb)
  • A blister or tumor-like growth found on the surface of plants, caused by burrowing of insect larvae into the living tissues, especially that of the common oak gall wasp (Cynips quercusfolii). (noun)
  • Examples of word gall

    • I. i.101 (158,2) Though ink be made of gall] Shakespeare, even in this poor conceit, has confounded the vegetable _galls_ used in ink, with the animal _gall_, supposed to be bitter.
    • The word gall has appeared in 110 New York Times articles in the past year, including on Oct. 7 in the blog post "'Simpsons' Voice Actor Speaks Out About Negotiations With Fox," by Dave Itzkoff:
    • The next time the cook cleans out a fowl, ask her to show you the little greenish bladder which she calls the gall and which she takes such care not to burst, because it contains a bitter liquid which, if spilt upon it, would quite ruin the flavor of the fowl.
    • Learn more about the word "gall" and see usage examples across a range of subjects on the Vocabulary.com dictionary.
    • The part that gets my gall is how quickly they were to blame FEMA for every single misfortune.


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