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What is the meaning of gash in Hindi?

Meaning of gash in Hindi is : गहरा घाव करना

Definition of word gash

  • A deep cut. (noun)
  • A vulva, pussy (noun)
  • A woman (noun)
  • Rubbish, spare kit (noun)
  • Rubbish on board an aircraft (noun)
  • Unused film or sound during film editing (noun)
  • Poor quality beer, usually watered down. (noun)
  • To make a deep, long cut, to slash. (verb)

Examples of word gash

  • With the Vietnam Memorial, you created what you call a gash or a rift in the landscape.
  • That gash is frickin 'unreal - looked like a great PPV.
  • Pop has a long cut on his chin, the jagged edge like a gash from a bone saw.
  • A gash from a tomahawk disfigured his head; the woolly hair was matted with blood.
  • The boy didn't appear to be concussed, but the gash was a deep one that would leave an unsightly scar if not stitched well.


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