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What is the meaning of gay in Hindi?

Meaning of gay in Hindi is : समलैंगिक व्यक्ति

Definition of word gay

  • Sexually promiscuous (of either gender). (adjective)
  • Homosexual: (adjective)
  • A pejorative: (adjective)
  • Upright or curved over the back. (adjective)
  • a homosexual, especially a male homosexual; see also lesbian. (noun)
  • An ornament. (noun)
  • The name of the letter ⟨—⟩, which stands for the sound IPA: /É¡/, in Pitman shorthand. (noun)

Examples of word gay

  • If a gay man and a gay* woman marry each other it happens would you think it is equally dissembling if they referred to it as a different-sex marriage instead of a straight marriage or a heterosexual marriage?
  • What a waste Mark is gay...reminds me of a song with dis line ~~all d handsome men are gay~~...haha...
  • * Dwight is "researching" gays by looking at gay porn because they found out Oscar was gay*
  • - Little gay· chapero - gay bitch· Bastardo - Bastard·
  • -- And you, my young friend, Master Augustine, shall be looked after as well as if you came with a gay brow and a light cheek, such as best becomes the _gay science_. "


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