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What is the meaning of gaze in Hindi?

Meaning of gaze in Hindi is : निगाह

Definition of word gaze

  • To stare intently or earnestly. (verb)
  • (poetic) To stare at. (verb)
  • A fixed look; a look of eagerness, wonder, or admiration; a continued look of attention. (noun)
  • The object gazed on. (noun)
  • In Lacanian psychoanalysis, the relationship of the subject with the desire to look and awareness that one can be viewed. (noun)

Examples of word gaze

  • "We have Obama particularly looking down a lot ... and now looking down - what I call gaze aversion - is a new measure that has to go along with blink frequency," he said.
  • I asked, transferring my gaze from the somber shutters ... to the window with the bright stickers and colorful mamie leaning out.
  • His wife lifted her gaze from the pots and pans, and followed his in a keen scrutiny of the river.
  • Her gaze is so incredibly direct, so unyielding, that he just has to look away.
  • Paladin stood up, nodded his head, and consciously averting his gaze from the poor souls on the wall, walked towards the bedroom area.


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