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What is the meaning of generate in Hindi?

Meaning of generate in Hindi is : प्रजनन करना

Definition of word generate

  • To bring into being; give rise to. (verb)
  • To produce as a result of a chemical or physical process. (verb)
  • To procreate, beget. (verb)
  • To form a figure from a curve or solid. (verb)
  • To appear or occur; be generated. (verb)

Examples of word generate

  • Only a grammar containing both phrase structure and transformation rules, Chomsky argued, could generate a natural language ” Ëœgenerateâ„¢ in the sense that by stepwise application of the rules, one could in principle build up from scratch all and only the sentences that the language contains.
  • And did the title generate the story theme or did the story idea bring that particular title to mind?
  • She has no brain of her own, so her ideas must generate from the GOP itself.
  • The vaccine did not work well enough – Some people get the vaccine, but the immune response their bodies generate is not strong enough or long-lived enough to protect them from infection.
  • She added that the current space is too small for the amount of production Chrysler now intends to generate from the plant.


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