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What is the meaning of genial in Hindi?

Meaning of genial in Hindi is : हँसमुख

Definition of word genial

  • friendly and cheerful (adjective)
  • pleasantly mild and warm (adjective)
  • marked by genius (adjective)

Examples of word genial

  • But with his old history professor Henry Adams and other friends, Lodge was known as a genial host, and, when political bêtes noires did not rear their fractious heads, he could work considerable charm as a guest.
  • “You know,” he said to Eeyore, gearing up to his lecture in genial conversational tones.
  • Opening his eyes again he saw Davey Davidson standing by the bed, his expression genial, carrying a basket of I fruit.
  • There was a certain genial tenderness in this atmosphere that even in the hottest day of August the eastern coast never knows.
  • A very extended landscape, however genial, is also sober in its effect on the mind.


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