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What is the meaning of gentle in Hindi?

Meaning of gentle in Hindi is : हल्की

Definition of word gentle

  • Tender and amiable; of a considerate or kindly disposition (adjective)
  • Soft and mild rather than hard or severe (adjective)
  • Docile and easily managed (adjective)
  • Gradual rather than steep or sudden (adjective)
  • Polite and respectful rather than rude (adjective)
  • to become gentle (verb)
  • to ennoble (verb)
  • to break; to tame; to domesticate (verb)
  • To soothe; to calm. (verb)
  • A person of high birth. (noun)
  • A maggot used as bait by anglers (noun)

Examples of word gentle

  • And as, in this battle of thoughts, those which spoke for her won the victory, it seemed to me becoming to address her, and I said this sonnet, which begins, 'A gentle thought '; and I called it _gentle_ because I was speaking to a gentle lady, -- but otherwise it was most vile.
  • "In this sense the true lover need not be a _gentleman_ but he must be a _gentle man_, loving not by genteel code of caste but by gentle code of character."
  • III. iv.76 (474,6) Ere human statute purg'd the gentle weal] The _gentle weal_, is, the _peaceable community_, the state made quiet and safe by
  • We refer to the term gentle discipline with our children but how does one do that with a puppy?
  • MANSFIELD: George was what we called the gentle Beatle.


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