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What is the meaning of geology in Hindi?

Meaning of geology in Hindi is : वह विद्या जिसमें धरती या उसकी भीतरी वस्तुओ का वर्णन हो

Definition of word geology

  • The science that studies the structure of the earth (or other planets), together with its origin and development, especially by examination of its rocks (noun)

Examples of word geology

  • Mainly within the last century has this knowledge been organized into the science of geology, and only within the last few decades have the complex and increasing demands of modern civilization required the applications of geology to practical uses, resulting in the development of the science generally known as _economic geology_.
  • The term geology was first used in the late 18th Century.
  • I will try to knock out a Ph. D in geology, and we are already talking about going to Canada.
  • Someone who has a PhD in geology definitely knows quite a lot about rocks, but he or she probably knows very little about gastrointestinal disease — and in similar vein, someone with a PhD in linguistics knows a lot about human languages but probably not a lot about botany.
  • "Flood geology" is implied in the Bible, although not so named.


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