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What is the meaning of gesso in Hindi?

Meaning of gesso in Hindi is : दृ लेप

Definition of word gesso

  • a mixture of plaster of Paris and glue used to prepare a surface for painting (noun)

Examples of word gesso

  • The crow on the back is black gesso from a stencil i cut, highlighted with paint marker.
  • Before applying the silkscreens to the wood beveled panels, she coats them with rabbit skin gesso, which helps to create the wonderful sense of luminosity her paintings possess.
  • It has been suggested that she even introduced the Syrian practice of wearing wigs to the women of Rome, although several detachable marble hairpieces belonging to female sculptures from the early and mid-second century have been found, some with traces of a plaster adhesive called gesso that was presumably used to stick the marble wig to the head.
  • Artists are familiar with yeso. .we call it gesso. esperanza
  • Modern acrylic-based grounds incorrectly called "gesso" do not damage the canvas so they can be applied directly without sizing.


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