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What is the meaning of gesticulation in Hindi?

Meaning of gesticulation in Hindi is : हावभाव प्रदर्शन

Definition of word gesticulation

  • The act of gesticulating, or making gestures to aid expression of thoughts, sentiments or passion. (noun)
  • A gesture; a motion of the body or limbs when speaking, or in representing action or passion, and enforcing arguments and sentiments. (noun)
  • An odd or fanciful motion. (noun)

Examples of word gesticulation

  • Their gesticulation is menacing, both to the Court and the bystanders, and an equal portion of all they say, is distributed to every part of the hall.
  • In tracing the History of Pantomime it becomes a matter of considerable difficulty, and, as Baron, in his _Lettres sur la Danse_, observes that when the word Dancing occurs in an old author, that it should always be translated by "gesticulation," "declamation," or "Pantomime."
  • There was so much hand gesticulation but my father was not remotely tired.
  • And I doubt the American announcement of having deployed forces "near Libya" this Monday afternoon will go beyond mere gesticulation.
  • The characters rattled around on the empty stage, occasionally engaging in stylized, repetitive gesticulation and frequently rolling around on the floor.


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