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What is the meaning of gestureless in Hindi?

Meaning of gestureless in Hindi is :

Definition of word gestureless

  • Without the use of gesture. (adjective)

Examples of word gestureless

  • Then he explained in quiet, unflowery, gestureless language.
  • And Larry realized that the emotion behind it was a thousand times what showed in the thin voice of the bent, gestureless figure.
  • No one else was wagging and waving in that way: a gestureless mute telegraphy seemed to pass between the other boxes.
  • Cathedral, and receive an impressive sermon from lips that have been silent and hands that have been gestureless for three hundred years.
  • At the pitying exclamation he gives a last interrogative glance over the plain; then, with a word to his horse, and a touch of the spur, he moves out into the open, and on; the other animal following, as before, its rider maintaining the same distance and preserving the self-same attitude, silent and gestureless as ever!


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