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What is the meaning of gestures in Hindi?

Meaning of gestures in Hindi is : आंगिक अभिनय

Definition of word gestures

  • Plural form of gesture. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of gesture. (verb)

Examples of word gestures

  • _ She was following the conversation with sympathetic illustrative gestures not caring two straws whether anyone observed her_, _just as she did not care whether anyone observed that she was breathing_; _and_, _just as she could not stop breathing_, _so she appeared unable to stop her gestures_.
  • The act of apologizing when hurt someone with words or gestures is not always easy.
  • At one point, I thought I spotted something that could be mistaken for a crude Guardian of Forever and sparked an instant debate with the guy next to me in gestures and code words that would have made Cold War KGB agents proud.
  • Last week, the PKK's military chief told Turkey's Radikal newspaper that the rebel group was "watching and waiting" for any peace gestures from the government and would assess whether to extend its cease-fire.
  • Futher, he shows that certain gestures are similarly fundamental.


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