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What is the meaning of get at in Hindi?

Meaning of get at in Hindi is : मालूम करना

Definition of word get at

  • To manage to gain access to. (verb)
  • To understand or ascertain by investigation. (verb)
  • To mean, signify. (verb)
  • To attack verbally or physically; to annoy, bother. (verb)
  • To persuade by intimidation, to tamper with. (verb)
  • To contact someone. (verb)

Examples of word get at

  • You definitely got something out of "Duchess of Langeais" the only title I know it by that I wasn't able to getat all.
  • The broccoli andzucchini dishes were cooked to a mush … and the chick pea dish is not as good as what you would getat most Indian buffets in the city.
  • Service, in general, will be expensive because it takes two persons†"one of whom won†™ t be youâ€" to remove the rear bodywork just to getat the engine.


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