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What is the meaning of get in Hindi?

Meaning of get in Hindi is : होना

Definition of word get

  • A Jewish writ of divorce. (noun)
  • To obtain; to acquire (verb)

Examples of word get

    • Even beyond that most people in the province probably know residents who had never shown an interest in jigging a cod before they were told they couldn’t, and those same residents were among the first to decide they simply had to get out and “get their fish.
    • Rather than making it harder to get divorced, which would cause problems for people in abusive situations, why not just make it harder to *get* married?
    • Yes, -- and, to confirm my suspicions, here rattle in the drums and pipe in the fifes, wooing us to get up, _get up_, with music too peremptory to be harmonious.
    • "How or where or when does not interest me -- but get him, you understand, _get him_!"
    • Three to get ready; and four to -- _get ready to go!
    • _And by what law can you expect to get what you believe you can not get_?
    • This enables me to easily get the hash value and update my page, whether that action is as simple as updating the page with the hash data itself, as shown below or whether it involves requesting data from the server based on a unique identifier stored in the hash: function HashChanged () {$get ( "content"). innerHTML = window. location.hash;}
    • So that when the little beginner in the use of language, as he wakes up in his crib, and stretching out his hands to his mother says, "I want _to get up_" she comes to take him, and replies, her face beaming with delight, "My little darling! you shall _get up_;" thus filling his mind with happiness at the idea that his mother is not only pleased that he attempts to speak, but is fully satisfied, and more than satisfied, with his success.
    • "It is impossible to say what quantity of gold the Kunsi may get; but their pretence that they _get none_ must be false, when every common Malay obtains from half to one bunkal per month.
    • Don't you see it -- can't you get it -- can't you _get_ it! "