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What is the meaning of getter in Hindi?

Meaning of getter in Hindi is : हासिल करने वाला

Definition of word getter

  • One who gets. (noun)
  • A function used to retrieve the value of some property of an object, contrasted with the setter. (noun)
  • A material which is included in a vacuum system or device for removing gas by sorption. (noun)
  • To remove gas by sorption. (verb)

Examples of word getter

  • State election officials say they won't even count names on write-in ballots unless they make up the most votes in the race or the difference in their number and the highest voter getter is less than half a percent.
  • The "Dancing with the Stars" results show kicks things off Tuesday with the surprise announcement that Teen Abstinence Advocate Bristol Palin, the previous night's lowest vote-getter, is safe ... despite fluffing a good chunk of her jive dance number -- part of which was performed in a gorilla costume -- the night before, and after which, when asked what she'd been thinking, she answered, "Uh, I hate the jive," followed by an awkward silence.
  • Despite his legal situation and upcoming trial weighing on him and his diminished statistics, Bryant was the second-leading vote-getter from the West.
  • Luke Gladue knows the name is an attention-getter, which is why it's what he calls his newly launched business.
  • Note, this method would work even if the object stored was a wrapper, whereas calling the getter would unwrap the value, and thus, wouldn't work.


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