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What is the meaning of ghastliest in Hindi?

Meaning of ghastliest in Hindi is :

Definition of word ghastliest

  • superlative form of ghastly: most ghastly. (adjective)

Examples of word ghastliest

  • Actually, the ghastliest moments I endured were the entire first hour, a freeway crawl on Interstate 10 for eight miles in which there were so many stops and starts I was placing bets on whether my brake pads or radiator would give out first.
  • The ghastliest murder is of a mom carjacked on the way to pick up her kids at day care.
  • But I didn't, thank God, and as any of you who have read my other memoirs will have guessed, I'd not have been within three thousand miles of Harper's Ferry, or blasted Brown, but for the ghastliest series of mischances: three hellish coincidences - three, mark you!
  • "If we were in rookie ball or AA, ok, all right, you guys can't catch the ball, you can't throw it," Dibble said on MASN, as the Nats booted away another brilliant Stephen Strasburg effort with one of the ghastliest half-innings you'll ever see.
  • After watching five minutes of the two ghastliest people in modern Britain going head to head - IMHO, the porkily smirking Piers Morgan is the only living being who can come close to la Price for sheer vileness - I admitted defeat and turned over.
  • Yet, in a world where the boundaries between film/video/DVD and real life are wearing thin almost to non-existence, with the ghastliest events filmed on mobile phones and then immediately beamed around the world, it may be that the time has come for film-makers to exercise at least a modicum of self-censorship, now that institutional censorship of films has vanished pretty well to the point of total evaporation.
  • To the extent that those voices could on a given evening write themselves through Kafka, Kafka could experience even the ghastliest of them, even the sirens with their hideous claws and sterile wombs, even Gregor Samsa, as beauty itself: "[S] ie konnten nicht dafür, dass die Klage so schön klang" [ "They couldn't help it that their lament sounded so beautiful"] (Parables 92).
  • With apologies to my beloved colleague, Rex Reed, currently en vacances, this might very well be the ghastliest ensemble cast in the history of motion pictures.