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What is the meaning of glad in Hindi?

Meaning of glad in Hindi is : हर्षित

Definition of word glad

  • pleased, happy, satisfied (adjective)
  • To make glad; to cheer; to gladden; to exhilarate. (verb)

Examples of word glad

    • "I'm glad -- glad -- _glad_ you're going away!" she exclaimed passionately.
    • "I'm glad -- _glad_ you couldn't, dear," she whispered.
    • Usually her repentance came quickly after one rash deed, but now Tom and Lucy had made her so miserable, she was glad to spoil their happiness, —glad to make everybody uncomfortable.
    • "Oh," said she, under her breath, "I'm glad -- so _glad! _"
    • She remembered with naughty satisfaction how rain invariably straightened Jennie Perkins's frizzes, and was glad, _glad_ that it did.


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