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What is the meaning of gladden in Hindi?

Meaning of gladden in Hindi is : मग्न करना

Definition of word gladden

  • To cause (something) to become more glad. (verb)

Examples of word gladden

  • They only stuck the blonde chick in there just to gladden the old woodies in Jesusland.
  • His unabashed Eurocentrism would gladden George Will's wizened heart, but he hasn't yet outed himself as a flaming Italophile.
  • One of the things I like most about minestrone is its sheer bulk: it's really a big bowl of carb-based joy, with a hefty garnish of vegetables to gladden the heartstrings of health.
  • Over the next two years, the Rao government pushed through a collection of market-based reforms that would gladden the heart of any economic liberal.
  • His speech to Demos today on an open society – the product of more than a year's internal discussion – was one to gladden the left-liberal's heart.
  • If she wrote these stories to gladden others, it seems they could not quite touch her own heart, and that may be because she never received the serious critical acclaim she wanted.
  • In some ways this federal Europe would gladden the hearts of the founding fathers of European integration.
  • If it does happen, there will be for the very first time in Europe Conservatives and Unionists representing all four parts of the United Kingdom as a single grouping in Brussels - that's a fact which will surely gladden every true Unionist heart.
  • Cockerington Princess, champion of her own sex, also came to gladden our eyes, while the converting into stables of theretofore unused stone winery buildings went apace ....
  • Sometimes, people and institutions change, and get better, and produce surprising results that gladden the heart.