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What is the meaning of gladdest in Hindi?

Meaning of gladdest in Hindi is :

Definition of word gladdest

  • superlative form of glad: most glad. (adjective)

Examples of word gladdest

  • And the soul that is the gladdest is the soul that builds a home.
  • Among the gladdest tidings of the season: the re-appearance of two classics by E.B. White, recorded unabridged, decades ago.
  • Then they brought an ewer and basin of gold, and he washed his right hand and abode in the gladdest of life and the most honourable.
  • And Allah vouchsafed him children by her, and they both lived the gladdest and happiest of lives, till there came to them the Destroyer of delights and the Severer of societies and the
  • Princess Miriam filled the cup and drank and gave the Wazir to drink and served him with assiduous service, so that he was like to fly for joy and his breast broadened and he was of the gladdest.


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