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What is the meaning of gladding in Hindi?

Meaning of gladding in Hindi is :

Definition of word gladding

Examples of word gladding

  • In this case, it is clear the government is scratching backs and gladding hands, and the environment is the merest of fig leaf.
  • Of those shining scholar-soldiers of Microsoftus, their hearts filled with gladding ambition, their days with manly tests of strength, their goblets with wine-dark ... wine.
  • It is the ability to do the many little acts of kindness, and to make the most of all the opportunities for gladding the lives of others, that constitute the finest accomplishment any girl can acquire.
  • Duke and those men are gladding their eyes with the sight of them just now!
  • And God give you to know Christ, and send us a happy meeting in that His blessed habitation, unto the great gladding of your most loving and dutiful daughter, Margery Marnell.


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