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What is the meaning of gladly in Hindi?

Meaning of gladly in Hindi is : स्वेच्छा से

Definition of word gladly

  • In a glad manner; happily. (adverb)

Examples of word gladly

  • No more than in Herod, who “heard the word gladly;” or in the Jews, when the preaching of Ezekiel was “pleasant” or desirable to them; or in those described Isa.lviii. 2, who “sought God daily, and delighted to know his ways,” in the midst of their abominable practices.
  • So the cook carried out these directions, and Antalas heard the word gladly, but made no further reply than to say that worthy enterprises are not properly brought to pass among men by cooks.
  • They answered the call gladly, for the spirit of adventure ran high, and every army officer welcomed the chance to see active service.
  • So he went in gladly, hoping that Mr. Burrell might be there.
  • I called gladly from the stairs, and bade her come up to me.


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