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What is the meaning of gladsome in Hindi?

Meaning of gladsome in Hindi is : प्रसन्न

Definition of word gladsome

  • happy, joyous, or light-hearted. (adjective)

Examples of word gladsome

  • He had himself done so in the "Evening Walk," and corrects his epithets to suit his later judgment, putting "gladsome" for "boding," and replacing
  • He also made clear to her that he wanted a “gladsome bride” when he returned.
  • Even in the mid-nineteenth century, by which time dentistry was rapidly improving and laughing gas even offered the gladsome prospect of anesthesia, a visit to the dentist was still dreaded, as indeed it is still by many people today.
  • "It does not matter whether one talks wisdom or nonsense, the case is the same, the bulk of the enjoyment lies in the wagging of the gladsome jaw and the flapping of the sympathetic ear."
  • Come, mother mine, and join the dance, link thy steps with me, and circle in the gladsome measure, now here, now there.


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