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What is the meaning of glassy in Hindi?

Meaning of glassy in Hindi is : शीशे के समान

Definition of word glassy

  • Of or like glass, in particular smooth and (somewhat) reflective. (adjective)
  • Dull, expressionless (adjective)
  • Absence of any chop on the water, making it smooth like glass. Swell creating breaking waves may still be present, glassy doesn't imply complete flatness. (adjective)
  • glass marble (noun)

Examples of word glassy

  • I placed the two halves under the broiler for a few seconds and they came out a bit warm covered in glassy, shiny sugar layer.
  • It is too easy to become characterized as the glassy-eyed idealists who believe too much in the magic wonder herb when we supply targets that are so easily shot down.
  • And if, at the end of this, you aren't crossing your eyes or skipping over these entries in glassy-eyed, polite boredom, I'll dig up the LUNA contracts for contrast.
  • If the stream is narrow and brush-lined, or when the trout are lying in glassy shallow water close to the banks, I still prefer the upstream approach.
  • She actually did call glassy-eyed Governor Bill Owen of Colorado out on his RNC mandated stream of consiousness blather about "Aldrich Ames - Brooklyn bridge - Jamie Gorelick - known terrorists - protecting America - 9/11 - Clintoncarterdemocrats."


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