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What is the meaning of glazed in Hindi?

Meaning of glazed in Hindi is : भावशून्य

Definition of word glazed

  • Of eyes: showing no liveliness. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of glaze. (verb)

Examples of word glazed

  • It was either May or June of 1986; and what he saw was what he called the glazed look.
  • After surviving the camp and the "death march" at the end of the war, Avey tried to tell the army about his experiences, but when he came up against what he called the "glazed eye syndrome," he gave up and kept silent for 60 years.
  • They were like fish, their shimmering skin glazed with saltwater.
  • He turned to face the ark and the eternal light, and began to lead the crowd in prayer in Southern-glazed Hebrew.
  • His expression glazed as he considered this, and he fidgeted nervously.


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