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What is the meaning of glee in Hindi?

Meaning of glee in Hindi is : प्रसन्नता

Definition of word glee

  • Joy; merriment; mirth; gaiety; particularly, the mirth enjoyed at a feast. (noun)
  • Music; minstrelsy; entertainment. (noun)
  • An unaccompanied part song for three or more solo voices, not necessarily merry. (noun)

Examples of word glee

  • Having the football team dudes join glee is definitely a good idea.
  • So the hysterical jumping up and down in glee is justified to an extent.
  • As you might suspect, Quinn grows to like being in glee club more than her high-maintenance cheerleading career and presidency of the Celibacy Club.
  • After being told they can't tackle religion in glee club -- one week after being told their performance numbers were too sexed up:
  • Sinister scientists rubs his hands together in glee and cackles at the end.


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