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What is the meaning of gleeful in Hindi?

Meaning of gleeful in Hindi is : मुदित

Definition of word gleeful

  • Exuberantly or triumphantly joyful. (adjective)

Examples of word gleeful

  • We were all around his age — pre-pubescent, and reedy-voiced and when we sang along to the song — no knock on Jermaine, Jackie and the rest — but it was Michael's parts we sang in gleeful, screechy unison.
  • I was with the woman who was my mate, picnicking in gleeful abandon.
  • I rubbed my bruised brow and gazed with reproachful inquiry at Paul, who was laughing in gleeful, boyish fashion.
  • I had forgotten about his magical place where the sun shines every day, the grass is still green, where rhododendrons, impatiens, and geraniums blossom in gleeful profusion.
  • But then to suddenly find themselves in gleeful agreement with the right in declaring the death of the mainstream media when it fails to endorse a cause du jour.


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