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What is the meaning of goad in Hindi?

Meaning of goad in Hindi is : लाठी

Definition of word goad

  • A long, pointed stick used to prod animals. (noun)
  • To prod with a goad. (verb)
  • To encourage or stimulate. (verb)
  • To incite or provoke. (verb)

Examples of word goad

  • Now my goad is the accusatory spines of unread books on my shelves.
  • Shira is also known as goad saanja so this flatbread is called saanjori.
  • "I've seen oxen driven, and the man who drove them didn't use reins as they do on horses, though he did have a goad, which is like a whip."
  • The tiger turned its attention from Inza to Elsie, and the latter struck at it, as if the goad were a spear.
  • The goad was a formidable sharpointed instrument, sometimes ten feet long.


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