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What is the meaning of goad in Hindi?

Meaning of goad in Hindi is : लाठी

Definition of word goad

  • A long, pointed stick used to prod animals. (noun)
  • To prod with a goad. (verb)

Examples of word goad

    • Now my goad is the accusatory spines of unread books on my shelves.
    • Shira is also known as goad saanja so this flatbread is called saanjori.
    • "I've seen oxen driven, and the man who drove them didn't use reins as they do on horses, though he did have a goad, which is like a whip."
    • The tiger turned its attention from Inza to Elsie, and the latter struck at it, as if the goad were a spear.
    • The goad was a formidable sharpointed instrument, sometimes ten feet long.
    • But according to CNN San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael Ramos was slow to respond and the Humane Society then decided to post the video to "goad" authorities into taking action, Pacelle said.
    • I know you are either trying to "goad" me...or you are the biggest naive sucker in the history of this universe.
    • And, in particular, Sy writing this might kind of goad the administration to actually sit down and come up with a formal Iran policy, which has been one of the problems that we've had for the past six or eight months.
    • The oxen were urged on by a "goad," or long staff pointed at the end, so that if occasion arose it could be used as a spear also