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What is the meaning of good humored in Hindi?

Meaning of good humored in Hindi is :

Definition of word good humored

  • Alternative spelling of good-humored. (adjective)

Examples of word good humored

  • First Impression: Barton seems to be a name for a smart and goodhumored country boy with rugged good looks.
  • The second installment for the forest had been received from the merchant and was not yet exhausted; Dolly had been very amiable and goodhumored of late, and the idea of the dinner pleased Stepan
  • Kitty was glad of all this, but she could not be light-hearted. she could not solve the problem her father had unconsciously set her by his goodhumored view of her friends, and of the life that had so attracted her.
  • Thank you for this wonderful welcome and thank you for being about twice a large a crowd as we thought we'd have and for being so goodhumored about us losing the sound.
  • If her critics had accused this lady of being somewhat too goodhumored with the other sex, why 'twas perhaps natural to her circumstances and needs no further excuse.


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