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What is the meaning of good in Hindi?

Meaning of good in Hindi is : हित

Definition of word good

  • To thrive; fatten; prosper; improve. (verb)
    फलने के लिए; मोटा करना; समृद्ध; सुधारें।
  • Acting in the interest of good; ethical. (adjective)
    अच्छे के हित में कार्य करना; नैतिक।
  • That is good: an elliptical exclamation of satisfaction or commendation. (interjection)
    यह अच्छा है: संतुष्टि या प्रशंसा का अण्डाकार विस्मयादिबोधक।
  • The forces or behaviors that are the enemy of evil. Usually consists of helping others and general benevolence. (noun)
    वे बल या व्यवहार जो बुराई के शत्रु हैं। आमतौर पर दूसरों की मदद करना और सामान्य परोपकार करना शामिल होता है।
  • Well; satisfactorily or thoroughly. (adverb)
    कुंआ; संतोषजनक ढंग से या पूरी तरह से।

Examples of word good

  • I could be assured just seeing his logo that the editors thought the book was good enough to shuck out the bucks for *good* cover art, at least.
  • I think he may have taken it as me suggesting that our program wasn't good enough, and by extension that I thought I was *too good*, which wasn't the case at all- I simply wanted my undergrads to have the chance to work with different people, and perhaps to work with MA programs better known to the doctoral programs they'd next apply to.
  • I'm generally not good at remembering that I like things that are *good*.
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  • Kant's analysis of commonsense ideas begins with the thought that the only thing good without qualification is a ˜good will™.
  • Anyway, I said, “Maddux is a good guy…..good luck”.
  • ˜God is good to us™ understanding of God's goodness is ruled out on this approach: for the notion of ˜good to us™ is a normative notion.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: In order for us to have a good Congress, it is terribly important to help to keep the * good* people in office.
  • # Isabelon 12 May 2009 at 2:11 am good good… this post deserves a reply : :P …
  • You tend to be more critical in your reviews than I am, and I mean that in a good way as you give really thorough reviews, so I was suprised to see that most of your books fell into the good+ categories.