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What is the meaning of good morning in Hindi?

Meaning of good morning in Hindi is :

Definition of word good morning

Examples of word good morning

  • Well goodmorning, not here to complain but I'm a single father of 4 young adults and in 1995 I had a hydraulic lift drop a car down to the growned while I was standing under it!
  • What type of love is it when you walk next to your partner on the street and not 10 paces ahead, when you wait at the bottom of a ladder for them to reach the ground making sure the've climbed down safely, when you make sure above anything that you always kiss them goodnight and goodmorning?
  • Andrew called me early this morning. and said "I heart you, goodmorning" then hung up. it put asmile on my face. im truely lucky to have wonderful people like this in my life. im pretty much the luckest girl.
  • Hello, goodmorning how you do? what makes your eyes and skies so blue?
  • The child passed through without saluting any one, when the prince stopped him and said, "Will you not tell me goodmorning?"
  • The wireless telegraph, the submarine cables, the great Atlantic and Pacific lines of steamships, are all the result of British enterprise and of British wealth, -- and today in every corner of the world, as the sun rises, all are able through these instrumentalities to bid each other "goodmorning."
  • "And goodmorning Mrs. Bilton -- my apologies, my sincere apologies, but we have to hurry away --"
  • I did regard his words, for Angus is so full of frolic and mischief that I thought him joking, but smiled and bade him and Willie goodmorning, he then repeated his words and thinking it might be true my heart bounded suddenly, as I turned from one to the other.

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