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What is the meaning of good natured in Hindi?

Meaning of good natured in Hindi is :

Definition of word good natured

  • Alternative spelling of good-natured. (adjective)

Examples of word good natured

  • The goodnatured Mole picked up a stick, formed his prisoners up in a line on the floor, gave them the order ` Quick march! 'and led his squad off to the upper floor.
  • A poor lookout, thought Cadfael, shaking his head, for that small, sharp, dark creature, Cristina daughter of Tudur, if she required more of her husband than a goodnatured adolescent boy, willing to tolerate and accommodate her, but quite undisposed to love.
  • The officer was a man of fifty or so, old enough to be tolerant of officious Benedictine brothers, goodnatured enough to comply with casual demands on some minutes of his time, where he had little work to do but watch others at work, and already gratified at being spared any further fighting over La Musarderie.
  • Marsha not only looked supernaturally youthful for her age but her mind is still sharp and she's a graceful speaker with a streak of goodnatured humor.
  • The "Tour de Palm Springs" is a goodnatured annual charity event where anyone can ride with fellow cycling enthusiasts around the Coachella Valley in either 100-mile, 55-mile, 25-mile, 10-mile or 5-mile routes.


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