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What is the meaning of gowk in Hindi?

Meaning of gowk in Hindi is : मूर्ख व्यक्ति

Definition of word gowk

  • a cuckoo (noun)
  • a fool (noun)

Examples of word gowk

    • _Durak_, -- a "ninny" or "gowk" -- is sent to take care of the children of
    • The Scotch employ the term "gowk" to express a fool in general, but more especially an April fool; and among them the practice which we have described is called
    • GOWKED, from "gowk," to stand staring and gaping like a fool.
    • Thus "hunting the gowk" is to send someone on a fool's errand.
    • I looked at the Bailie, who acknowledged, in a whisper, “that the gowk had some reason for singing, ance in the year.”


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