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What is the meaning of graceful in Hindi?

Meaning of graceful in Hindi is : सुशोभित

Definition of word graceful

  • Having or showing grace in movement, shape, or proportion. (adjective)

Examples of word graceful

  • He wrapped up crisis talking in Jordan by once again rejecting any timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops and denying that he's searching for what he called a graceful exit from the war.
  • John saw that he was _de trop_, that it was a family conference, and only extracting from Laramie a promise to see him -- about nothing whatever -- before leaving town he made what he termed a graceful getaway.
  • 'Ay; anybody can be what you call graceful, if he lives a little time in a city, and keeps his eyes open.
  • The common terns have since left for the winter but Matteson said there is a good chance the birds, which he calls graceful and beautiful, will be back next year since they have already raised young here.
  • Though "graceful" is a word one wouldn't readily apply to Stickley's cabinetry, there is a certain massive elegance to his lighting fixtures.


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