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What is the meaning of grandpa in Hindi?

Meaning of grandpa in Hindi is : नाना

Definition of word grandpa

  • grandfather (noun)

Examples of word grandpa

  • Yes | No | Report from codyboyd wrote 8 weeks 2 days ago just boil, then put it in bleach. my grandpa is a taxidermist.
  • My Pop — that's what I call my grandpa — was a mailman.
  • What if you learn that your grandpa is a phsyco after 30 years?
  • I've become aware that my grandpa is a penny pinching old fool, and Melba (God bless her) is just as bad, but I never realized TO WHAT EXTENT until Mom just told me that after they found out the pacemaker couldn't be put in till Monday - they FOUGHT THE DOCTORSS about him staying in the hospital till then.
  • Until finally the twirlling tea kettle did in grandpa's stomach somewhere after a foot long or two and a full three hours of rides and excitement.


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