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What is the meaning of grandpappy in Hindi?

Meaning of grandpappy in Hindi is :

Definition of word grandpappy

  • grandfather. (noun)

Examples of word grandpappy

  • Excellent, now great grandpappy is going to relate to this generation of soldier and tell them how to do their jobs.
  • He was born in New Haven and his grandpappy was a senator, but he got a special operation and thinks he's a regular guy from Midland.
  • Go back enough generations and it will blow your mind to think of who it is you could call your grandpappy and your grandmama.
  • Let's just say that I'm an anglo-arab and my grandpappy was a very renowned studmeister.
  • Why did he invoke the swarthy boogeymen of the modern right-wing imagination right before launching into a verse about the good old days when his "grandpappy" would "take all the rope in Texas ... find a tall oak tree," and "hang them high in the street, for all the people to see?"


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