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What is the meaning of grasp in Hindi?

Meaning of grasp in Hindi is : समझना

Definition of word grasp

  • To grip; to take hold, particularly with the hand. (verb)
  • To understand. (verb)
  • grip (noun)
  • understanding (noun)
  • that which is accessible; that which is within one's reach or ability (noun)

Examples of word grasp

  • Within our grasp is the possibility of making Canada a living lab for the future.
  • What you and others fail to grasp is the cost of recording the song should be included in the marginal cost.
  • What they fail to grasp is at least PRESIDENT Obama put forth policies that were able to stop the bleeding (unlike his predecessor).
  • What the general public (or the papers, or whoever) seem unable to grasp is that there will always be cases where the system fails for whatever reason.
  • What few people seem to grasp is that the basic local information available to the police years ago has all gone especially in urban or urbanised country areas.


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