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What is the meaning of grated in Hindi?

Meaning of grated in Hindi is :

Definition of word grated

  • Produced by grating. (adjective)
  • Furnished with a grate or grating. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of grate. (verb)
  • Examples of word grated

    • Another Instance of the strange _loosening_ nature of a violent jarring Motion, or a strong and nimble vibrative one, we may have from a piece of _iron_ grated on very strongly with a _file_: for if into that a pin _screw'd_ so firm and hard, that though it has a convenient head to it, yet it can by no means be _unscrew'd_ by the fingers; if, I say, you attempt to unscrew this whilst _grated on by the file_, it will be found to undoe and turn very _easily_.
    • But the constant flux of plants growing, dying back and growing again grated against her nerves.
    • Mix all ingredients together, stirring in grated cheese last.
    • Mix flour and salt, rub in grated butter, stir in sugar.
    • But even Dobbin grated on me, following Amelia around like a puppy, neither asserting himself in regards to her nor breaking off his attachment.


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