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What is the meaning of grateful in Hindi?

Meaning of grateful in Hindi is : सुखद

Definition of word grateful

  • Showing appreciation, being thankful. (adjective)
  • Recognizing the importance of a source of pleasure. (adjective)
  • Pleasing, welcome. (adjective)

Examples of word grateful

  • But I may permit myself, perhaps, to say I am _most_ grateful, _most grateful_, dearest friend, for this admission to participate, in my degree, in these feelings.
  • The way she used those air quotation marks around the word grateful confused me.
  • And as I said in the script, when Wayne, and Mark and Chris, our new sales leaders go in, the advertisers are actually very, if you will, I don't want to say the word grateful, but we're talking about Yahoo! much differently than the fact that it's big because guess what, our competition is big too.
  • I remain grateful for the Jesuit professors I had, everyone of them.
  • Had I known that, I would have been much too timid to say anything to him, and I remain grateful for the ignorance that made our enjoyable conversation possible.


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