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What is the meaning of gratified in Hindi?

Meaning of gratified in Hindi is : चरितार्थ

Definition of word gratified

  • Simple past tense and past participle of gratify. (verb)

Examples of word gratified

  • Special message-carriers, to be still called Ambassadors, if the name gratified them, could be sent when occasion great enough demanded; not sent when it did not.
  • Maximin gratified his own inclination, by yielding a rigorous obedience to the stern commands of his benefactor.
  • To this hour I recall the gratified thrill of conscious
  • _Sentinel_ during the week an item calling gratified attention to the change in its "What Women Wear" column, and indicating that it would contain new features from week to week.
  • I am sure you will be much happier married than you are single; and he will be gratified, which is, I suppose, to count for something.


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