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What is the meaning of gratifying in Hindi?

Meaning of gratifying in Hindi is : सुखदायक

Definition of word gratifying

  • Present participle of gratify. (verb)

Examples of word gratifying

  • Equally gratifying is to hear you spell out the rationale in these terms:
  • The key to what makes this novel so gratifying is character.
  • What has been so gratifying is knowing – and seeing – the results of what would become a personal lifelong mission to spread the good word about hunting to other women while also doing my best to convince men that yes, women belonged beside them in the field.
  • And the people who are back here now are mostly eally determined to make this work, despite the obstactles, a certain gratifying stubborness at work.
  • To say homecoming was extremely gratifying is to infinitely understate the magnitude of feeling.


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