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What is the meaning of grating in Hindi?

Meaning of grating in Hindi is : सलाखें

Definition of word grating

  • harsh and unpleasant (adjective)
  • A barrier that has parallel or crossed bars blocking a passage but admitting air. (noun)
  • A frame of iron bars to hold a fire (noun)
  • Present participle of grate. (verb)

Examples of word grating

  • My advice, as usual when it comes to grating, is to get yourself a microplane, the one with the smallest gauge (from any half-decent kitchen shop).
  • A further main advantage of Rowland's grating is that it is now no longer scratched on plane surfaces, but on spherical concave surfaces with a radius of say 3 metres, so that real images are produced of luminous lines without the need for the insertion of lenses.
  • It is, no doubt, troublesome to make the oil so frequently, for the grating is tedious, and it must be slowly boiled; still, Kobez was not so oppressed by many duties that he could not find time to make it himself.
  • If the grating is free and there is an overflow not to be accounted for, it is very possible that a drain-pipe somewhere is choke-full of the roots of some tree.
  • Below the ice is a tin grating, through which the melted water runs, and is let off when requisite by a cock.


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