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What is the meaning of gratulate in Hindi?

Meaning of gratulate in Hindi is :

Definition of word gratulate

  • to congratulate (verb)
  • Worthy of gratulation. (adjective)

Examples of word gratulate

    • July 17, 2008 at 3:56 pm an, an, we duzznt use dat werd…………. we say “nawt second” wen we gratulate teh “nawt second” peeps………. nebber use teh “f” werd…..
    • Permit me to con-gratulate you upon a most remarkable scientific discovery.
    • 'I am an Osbaldistone like yourself,' replied the stranger suavely; 'we are the last of the ancient house that bears upon its chevron the spear and spurs (mullets), so when I heard of your good fortune I thought it but polite to call and gratulate you on your succession.'
    • The first flush of his unaccustomed libations seemed to have worn itself out, his more recent draught to have had no other effect than to steady his gratulate senses; and a certain solid comfort resided in the knowledge that his hard-earned five dollars reposed in safe deposit.
    • And being fearefull that others of his quality had beene of the same nature and condition, and finding you, on the contrary, so carefull and industrious, so serious and laborious to doe the author all the rights of the presse, I could not choose but gratulate your honest indeavours with this short remembrance.


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